How much paint do I need?

When working out how much paint you need, you aim for not too much, not too little, but just right. Here are a few tips to help you estimate the amount of paint you need to buy. Step 1 First, calculate the overall surface area. Use a tape measure to measure the width and height […]

Does your roof need painting?

In order to maintain your roof, experts agree that a roof should be repainted at least every 5 years. This not only ensures your roof always appears in a pristine condition, it also allows one to address any minor problems such as leaks and rust before they may become larger ones. Whether it’s tiled or […]

Choosing the right paint brush and roller

I always thought a brush is a brush? Or a roller a roller? Right? Not quite! If you know how to choose the right paintbrush or roller, it can save you a lot of time painting. Painting a room isn’t just about the quality of paint, but what tools you use. By investing in the […]